2013, 2014, 2015 Circle of Excellence on Trip Advisor

2015 Finest Greek on the Emerald Coast

"I love Greek food and I was really pleased." - Ashley

Aegean is a good restaurant with excellent prices. The staff is always pleased to serve and friendly. The enries are big and you won't go home hungry." - Andre

"A quaint restaurant that serves delicious Greek cuisine. The atmosphere is set to make you feel a piece of Greece. The music will take you to the Greek islands. Food is great! For a taste of Greece be sure to visit the Aegean!" -Jacque

I went there last Wednesday the 28th for the first time, and I admit, this place is awesome. The food was excellent, great prices, great service, and definitely filled me up. "

"Best restaurant in Florida! Everything is great, especially the gyro and pastitso! Plus the owners are very friendly and down to earth! It is obvious that they work hard for their business!"

"The food is really good. Try the dolmades and the roasted chicken...simple and delicious." - Dave

"This place is THE BEST. Not only because I live there but because..well it really is. Go there for the night hostess oh, and everybody else. Everything on the menu, YUM. And the house dressing is the best ever."

"Great place to eat! Berry Bliss Salad is exceptional, but I've enjoyed every dish I've eaten there. What also makes this restaurant exceptional is the quality of service. Everyone there makes you feel welcomed and goes above & beyond to make each dining experience very pleasant."

"One of my Favorite places to eat for lunch! I love their Pastisto!"